10 Best dog beds ever made for your pug to get better sleep

Best Dog Beds

One of the best things that you can buy in life is a novelty dog bed, if you disagree put it in the comments so I can disagree with you personally. When it comes to our pug I love nothing more than finding a novelty bed and watching her reaction to the bed, usually meaning turning it over, moving it, or just sleeping outside it. Yea she’s weird. Let’s talk the Best Dog Beds! We’ve also got THIS writeup about the newest Amazon Pet Store, which is just amazing!

Here’s our roundup of the 10 best dog beds that you can buy on Amazon right now.

1. The Sofa Bed…Bed

When it comes to our pug she’s forever sleeping on the sofa, so we figured maybe we should stop fighting it and instead just buy this sofa bed…bed.

2. I sleep in a racecar

My wife won’t let me buy is a race car bed, so the closest thing that I could find was this one for our pug instead. I sleep in it myself when the wife stops talking to me.

3. The Shark Bed

Our little pug hates the water, I thought maybe it was because she was terrified of sharks, so we put this bed close to the pool…that’ll stop her drinking water direct from the pool.

4. Whatever the Hell This is

I’m not really sure what type of digimon this is, but I just know I think it looks hella cool. Therefore, the credit card was hit once again!

5. Her Companion Bed

I’m not really interested in our little Frida getting pregnant, so this bed seemed like the best way to let her sleep with other dogs…safely.

6. The Pink Bed

Nothing makes her happier than showing off her girly side, therefore the easiest option was this beautiful pink dog bed!

7. The Hot Dog

This one doesn’t really need a description but I will admit, this hot dog bed, makes me laugh every single time I see it in front of the TV.

8. Not a Bed…but C’mon

Ok I’ll admit, this one is not exactly a bed, but these steps up to our bed, really make for some entertaining videos in the evenings!

9. Wine and Cheese

This one is also not a bed, obviously, but given that the wife and I drink a glass of wine most nights before bed, this one let’s our little Frida join in.

10. Strawberry Beds

This one speaks for itself, who wouldn’t want to sleep in a giant strawberry!

What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments or share your own favorite link!