Pug Feeders: What are your options so your pet never goes hungry

Pug Feeders

When it comes to our pets, we want nothing more than to ensure that they are enjoying the best of everything and when it comes to pugs, this is 1000% more accurate. The dilemma is that we all now have incredibly busy lives and as lock down begins to unwind it means heading back to the office and not getting as much pug time as we previously enjoyed. You’ve probably seen some of these Pug Feeders on the all new Amazon Pet Store, but we found even more on other sources!

There’s nothing worse than wondering if the little fella had enough food in his plate when you left, or if he’s hungrier than usual. So today, we’re going to give you a few different options for automatic Pug Feeders and pet water fountains that you can buy from $20 to $200 so that there is a best option for everyone.

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    The Simple Solution – $17

    If you’re not out that often or on a budget, then this automatic Pug Feeders on Amazon is probably best for you. Unlike the others on this list, it needs no power at all, using simple gravity (we’ll cover gravity in a later longer form post) to ensure that the large container of food consistently fills up the tray for your pug never to go hungry.

    The advantage is it’s cheap at only $17 and effective, the disadvantage is that controls can’t be set on it like some of the more expensive ones. You can also buy this set for a food and water combo so everything is covered for just $29.99.

    The Middle Range Option – $69.99

    Unlike the last feeder, this one from Petmate is programmable and works on power. This is important if you want to make sure the little guy doesn’t just binge out on food all day before sitting in front of Netflix and messing up your continue watching list like ours would.

    It sports a large LCD screen and built-in meal counter with three simple buttons that take you through the process. The feeder can be programmed to feed one, two or all three meals. The food hopper is conveniently transparent for monitoring food levels at a glance. Bowl is removable for easy cleaning and can be placed in the top-shelf of a dishwasher.

    Definitely a solid choice for the middle class pug owner like myself!

    The Rolls Royce of Feeders – $169.99

    The WoPet Wifi Feeder really is the top of the line in Pug Luxury and is ideal for our upper class pug lovers. Wopet who are famous for their smart pet cameras, started recently creating smart feeders and drinking fountains and this is their top of the line model.

    Not only does it feed your pets, it also allows you to talk to them and video record them so you know that they are ok. Some of the features of this incredible feeder are:

    • Feeding your pet automatically or choose to do a manual feeding from your mobile device instantly.
    • HD Camera for voice and video recording, work as a smart pet camera with a connected app that lets you see, talk, play with your pet. 
    • Connecting with your pet while you are away with the supported audio chat/recording.
    • Sharing your favorite moment on social media directly.
    • Large/Small size food rotator for all sizes’ pet. Each meal dispensing from 1-39 Portions.

    So if you want the top of the line…look no further!

    Let us know in the comments what your recommendations are for smart feeders.