Pug Protein: Should you be adding more to their diet?

Pug Protein

One of the things us pug lovers care the most about is making sure the little guy eats right, you want your pug to look and feel better than you do most days. I bet most of you exercise less and eat worse than your pug does? I know I do. Let us talk Pug Protein! If you want to jump straight to the best online and affordable places to buy dog food, check this article!

When it comes to my own personal exercise I have really noticed the gains made by adding more protein as I build muscle, and building muscle is essential in order to keep your fat levels down as muscle will burn fat to grow and maintain. So this got me thinking, is the same true for our pug.

After a little bit of research, I came across Wag Dog Food on Amazon, their own brand of dog food, and used this link to get 40% off my first order, so I figured I’d give it a try as after doing research I learned that it was the best way to get extra protein into a dogs diet.

Now our Frida is a fussy eater, apart from our dinners, she’ll eat all of them if we let her but if you change her brand of dog food, she’s having none of it.

We went with the dry dog food, but also brought a couple of treats from the store.

Dry Dog Food

In terms of a general daily meal I went with the easiest option and swapped out her current dry food with Amazon’s Dry Dog Food. I specifically went with Beef & Lentil, with Wild Boar, as to be honest that sounded like something I’d happily eat.

Now one thing you need to know, is that these foods unlike a lot of others, also contain plant proteins. This means that you are recommended to gradually transition your dog over to this food style, I’m not sure if it’s needed but to be safe, we did a 50/50 method with the old food the first day and then gradually took out the old food.

In terms of eating, Frida loved it, she’s eating it much faster and eating more than she was eating just the normal bag of food we buy in Walmart. So that to us was a good sign, means we get less hassle and stares from her at the dinner table.

After 30 days, I will say that Frida seems to be happier on the food in a couple of regards, she’s not as tired all day as she was before and is wanting to run and play with our 5 other dogs in the garden. She’s also certainly gaining more leg muscle than she had before and I can see this on our morning walks.

All in all, I think it’s a solid choice to try and I see no adverse effects so far, I’ll update more after a few more months of her on this food.

My final word is that I would recommend trying out this food while it is on the limited 40% off launch offer.

Thanks for reading, let us know your thoughts below in the comments.