Top 10 Pug Winter Outfits to get your precious pug ready for the cold

Pug Winter Outfits

There is no doubt that winter is coming and although it won’t be as bad as it is in Game of Thrones, it will still be a chilly one in many places and it’s important to keep our little precious pugs warm. Today we run through the best 10 Pug Winter Outfits!

To make life easier and more comfortable for your pug we’ve scanned through Amazon to find a selection of the ten best and cutest jackets to keep the little guy happy through to the return of next years sunny season. You can also keep them safe from the flu and covid, with our top ten Pug Masks!

Without further a due, here is the list of the top 10 Pug Winter Outfits!

10. Adidog

When you’re going for your morning run in your Adidas clothing, now your pug can heavily breath along side you in this matching tracksuit.

9. Warm Sweater

This lovely winter sweater is perfect for your dinner parties with candle light, if only we could get cigars for dogs, then we could finally get a level of class for our pugs to match ourselves.

8. Weekend Clothing

Get your pug ready for the weekend with this incredibly fluffy and cute “Saturday” jacket.

7. Original Gangster

It’s easy to understand that your pug will look like the hottest rappers in the world wearing this incredibly gangster outfit.

6. Princess

Make your pug look like the princess she is in this awesome jacket.

5. James Bond Look

Make your pug look very British with this awesome sweater.

4. Back to School

Get ready for going back to School with this cute school/scottish look for your pug.

3. Saved by the Bell

Another awesome 90’s look for the millennial Saved by the Bell fans amongst us.

2. Hugh Heffner

Make your pug look like the king of the playboys with this incredible jacket!

1. Thinning Stripes

Slim down the little guy with this awesome striped jacket for your pug.